Monday, October 20, 2014

Taking Back California: Part 1

     I never did care for that blank screen page. I prefer to reading someone else's work then coming up with my own. So many thoughts swirling in my head right now it's hard to think. As I sit here typing the words as they come, pausing to sip from my now cold cup of coffee (it always tasted bitter when cold) I think upon words I once heard. "We are involved in a great cosmic battle between truth and lies."

     Never has that seemed more real to me than now. You often get discouraged in this job. It really does bring out the worst in people, but those that remember why they're here keep a steady head while everyone else loses theirs. One such person is Assemblywoman Shannon Grove.

     I've never met anyone quite like Shannon. Honestly, when I first met her I didn't know what to expect. Never being in politics before up to that time I didn't think a person like her existed. With a little bit more experience under my belt, I'm certain a person like her doesn't exist. She is one-of-a-kind.

     To get an understanding you need to see that California's State government is under a strangle hold by Social Extremists from San Francisco who have high-jacked the Democrat party. So the battle is not one of their party versus our party. But one of virtue versus immorality, truth versus lie. God versus man. These Social Extremists have a two-thirds majority in Sacramento which means they can pass whatever bills they want. Any and all opposition is futile, they will pass what they want passed. This is how California passed the horrendous AB 1266, now coming to a public restroom near you. Loosely put, if you feel like a girl today but your biological make-up says you
re a boy, you get to use the girl's restroom.

     So against this seemingly impervious wall of perversion stands Shannon. A business owner from Bakersfield, CA who's not afraid to stand on the Assembly floor hammering the fact into the members heads that the only thing that can help drug abusers isn't more lenient sentences but the saving grace of Jesus Christ. 

     This is where it all begins. If anything comes out of this silent California Revolution it will be because of this woman. She has slowly over the years been fighting for truth and getting others to join the fight. One person with a love for God and a passion to please Him and fight for truth.