Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Liberty and Justice For All

     Some of my fondest memories growing up were when I went to work with my dad. My father worked for an oil company in California, and would often have to travel up and down the state. I remember once when he was working in Los Angeles, the whole family went with him. I’ll always remember how much fun we had on that trip, but the thing I remember most from the trip was an image that was on a billboard in downtown L.A. On this billboard was a picture of a young woman holding the bloodied corpse of a freshly skinned fox in her outstretched arms, and beneath the grotesque image read the words, “Here is your fur coat.”

     As I look back on that PETA billboard, I think how interesting it is that such a gruesome image could be put on display for millions to see, and nobody seems to mind or get offended. Or they see the image and are repulsed by it to such an extent that they become faux fur wearing veterinarians for the rest of their lives. But if you put an equally gruesome image about abortion on the same billboard, I guarantee that it will be asked to be pulled down. Why? Why is this the case when both billboards display the horrific realities of what happens when a living creature is killed for the convenience of man?  Possibly, because the same people who are desperately fighting to save the lives of foxes everywhere are promoting the onslaught of innocent children. However, I’m not here to talk about the hypocrisy of liberal environmentalists. I’m here to talk about ours.

     The trials of Kermit Gosnell have shown to America what Abortion really is. It is not simply freedom for women but rather death to children. The most frightening thing about the Gosnell trial is that what when on in Gosnell’s clinic is not an isolated incident. It is happening in clinics all across America. Abortion clinics all over the nation are the same, if not worse, houses of horrors that Gosnell’s was. Gosnell just happened to be unlucky enough to get caught.  What has happened to our nation that we should embrace so barbaric a practice as abortion? This has happened because America, the defender of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, decided in Roe v. Wade that unborn infants are sub-human and not to be considered life. Interestingly enough, the Supreme Court ruled similarly to this in the Dred Scott case. In that decision, the Supreme Court decided that because a person’s skin was black, that person was less human then a person with white skin and could not obtain the rights guaranteed in the Constitution. Even so, since the Supreme Court decided that a person inside the womb is less human then a person outside the womb, that person inside the womb cannot obtain the rights guaranteed in the constitution. Many people will testify today of the evils of slavery and racism, yet they see nothing wrong and even accept that more horrific evil that is abortion. This is what I mean by our hypocrisy.

We say we stand for liberty and justice for all but yet we deny it to those who cannot stand up for themselves. Shortly before the Civil War, it was said that our nation’s flag, that symbol of liberty, was marred by the chains of slaves. Well now it is marred by the doctor’s scalpel. We must stop this barbaric practice unfit for a civilized nation such as ours. Especially when we claim to espouse the ideas of liberty and equality as set in the constitution. We must stand up and be the voice of the oppressed and voiceless. We must be like those great men before us, John Quincy Adams and William Wilberforce, who both gave their lives to ridding their nations of the monstrous blot of slavery. Let us press on, striving valiantly against abortion until the day that too shall be removed, and every American, born or unborn, is recognized to be endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, and that among these rights are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.